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  • Mass Mailing News - Are you looking for bulk email marketing software to promote your online business and increase your profits? Our mass email sender software is what you need. More information about Mass Mailing News our mass emailing software.
  • Are you looking for a email lookup software? Management-Ware Email Address Finder is a powerful email address extraction tool that can provide you with professional and targeted e-mails. Our Email address lookup software is the best software if you want to search for email addresses on the Internet or in your computer.
  • Contact List Builder a easy to use yellow pages scraper software. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to capture names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and other contact details from Online directories like then Management-Ware Contact List Builder is the tool for you. Use our Yellow pages scraper to build your own up to date leads database.
  • Google maps contact extractor - Grab and manage Google Maps information. Download a demo of our Google Maps Extractor software today for free! Use our Google Maps extractor to capture contact information from Google Maps Website today!
  • Management-Ware Webelement is an easy to use mobile website builder software that everyone can use to create a mobile Website without any html knowledge. More information about our mobile Website builder software.

Yellow pages scraping software – Contact List Builder Features

Yellow pages scraping softwareNo more outdated lead database, build your own prospect list with our yellow pages Yellow pages scraping software. Contact List Builder is the lead generation software of choice, data extraction from online directories couldn’t be easier.

For as long as people have been engaged in commerce, business owners have been looking for new ways to sell their products or services. Today, more than ever, businesses of all sizes have a multitude of options available to market and grow their businesses. The challenge is deciding which approach you should take. Our Yellow pages scraping software will help you with your task.

Web scraping

To move ahead successfully with direct marketing and telemarketing campaigns, you need a lot of contacts. With Management-Ware Contact List Builder you can collect hundreds of thousands of contacts from your target group within days or even hours.

The Management-Ware Contact List Builder collects contacts easily using Internet search engines. Type in the desired keyword(s) or search by categories and our Yellow pages grabber program will extract all the results from or any other Yellow pages you choose in the list.

Our Yellow pages scraping program can help you reach your goals. Click here to download our contact grabber software for free (the Demo edition risk-free). This web scraping software allows you to spend more time selling, helps you connect with prospects faster and improves sale conversions.

Click here for some screenshots of Management-Ware Contact List builder.

Contact List Builder – With our yellow pages scraping software you can easily:

  • Use the Web scraper program for Direct Marketing and Tele-Marketing Campaigns…
  • Capture contact lists from, and other
  • Quickly extract contacts (names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, etc.)
  • Quickly extract contact addresses
  • Perfect for building your customers mailing list
  • Very EASY to use, convenient and offers an outstanding performance
  • Checks for duplicate entries in your database
  • Search by keyword / by categories / by custom categories
  • Extract or exclude contacts containing only certain words or phrases
  • Set the location for the search / Set default location for future use
  • Search a column and add found information to another column
  • Search through a specific Web site
  • Create unlimited mailing lists
  • Create an unlimited size of lists.
  • Very lightweight program, easy to set up
  • Advanced contact extractor filtering options
  • Save and Export the extracted contact lists in the most popular formats: CSV, XML, Excel (XLS), PDF, HTML and RTF
  • Get keyword ideas
  • Very fast and accurate
  • Merge contact lists
  • Free updates
  • Free online support

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Mass Mailing News – Bulk email software

Mass email software - Mass Mailing News
Send out personalized bulk email marketing campaigns with Mass Mailing News v2.0! Nothing compares...Try it and you'll adopt it! Our Mass email marketing software will save you a lot of time and money.

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Email Address Finder – Email lookup software

email lookup software
Management-Ware Email Address Finder is a simple and powerful email lookup software for extracting e-mail addresses. Find thousands of email addresses per hour and build your own emailing list

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Google and Bing Maps Contact Extractor – Web data extractor

Google and Bing Maps Contact Extractor- Web data extractor software
Google and Bing Maps Contact Extractor is a software for extracting Google and Bing maps information. Use our Web data extractor to get free leads that you can use to market your product or service.

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Bulk SMS From PC – Send free text message

Bulk SMS From PC - send free text message
With Bulk SMS From PC you can Send FREE text messages from your computer to mobile phones. Take advantage of Bulk SMS From PC…Now! No monthly fees, no contracts, no hidden costs

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