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  • Mass Mailing News - Are you looking for bulk email marketing software to promote your online business and increase your profits? Our mass email sender software is what you need. More information about Mass Mailing News our mass emailing software.
  • Are you looking for a email lookup software? Management-Ware Email Address Finder is a powerful email address extraction tool that can provide you with professional and targeted e-mails. Our Email address lookup software is the best software if you want to search for email addresses on the Internet or in your computer.
  • Contact List Builder a easy to use yellow pages scraper software. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to capture names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and other contact details from Online directories like then Management-Ware Contact List Builder is the tool for you. Use our Yellow pages scraper to build your own up to date leads database.
  • Google maps contact extractor - Grab and manage Google Maps information. Download a demo of our Google Maps Extractor software today for free! Use our Google Maps extractor to capture contact information from Google Maps Website today!
  • Management-Ware Webelement is an easy to use mobile website builder software that everyone can use to create a mobile Website without any html knowledge. More information about our mobile Website builder software.

Real Time Email Tracking Service and Report

Email tracking serviceTrack your email marketing campaigns in real time…Pay only when you use the service!

Management-Ware Solutions provides online email tracking service to monitor the impressions, the openings and click sof your email marketing campaigns. You pay only for successful email tracking when a user opens your message or clicks any link inside the message. For the marketers that are looking for a convenient and affordable email tracking service and email marketing software, Management-Ware has the answer.

Track Reports: real time email tracking

Track your email marketing clicks, visitors, open-rates…

How many sent e-mails were read or clicked? Which were the most clicked links? What happened to that email you sent? How long did it sit in someone’s inbox before it was opened? Or maybe they never got it? Was it even opened at all? Without an email tracking service, there are so many questions you can ask.

Stop worrying about your e-mailing campaigns, and let Management-Ware email tracking software tells you about them. We are able to keep track of the emails you sent and with our email tracking and reporting tools you will be able to get real-time reporting to measure the success of your online advertisement.

Email Tracking And Reporting – Get real-time updates on your email campaigns

These are the basic information all e-mail marketers need to verify the effectiveness of their e-mail marketing campaigns. Management-Ware Email Tracking service has the answer!

The Management-Ware email tracking service is our on-line service for monitoring in real time your e-mail campaigns. Download and try our free mass mailing software today!

It’s fully integrated with Mass Mailing News’s interface, so when composing your message you only need to insert a special link into the message.

When your recipients open your e-mail or click on a link, Management-Ware Email Tracking updates its database and creates a textual statistics.

Sign-up now for free and receive 500 transactions (FREE email tracking). See for yourself the power of Management-Ware email tracking service.

Online Email Tracking Service – Benefits:

  •  Know when exactly your email was opened.
  •  Manage your campaigns.
  •  Open-rate and click through rate.
  •  Know when, who, exactly, which hyperlink in your email was clicked.
  •  Track your email marketing campaigns in real time.
  •  How many responded to your online ads.
  •  Reports with the opening rate, click rate, statistics per receiver or per day, etc.
  •  No need to worry about overloading your server.
  • Ability to analyze the receivers’ behavior, to measure campaign efficiency, and evaluate its impact on sales, etc.
  • Quick & easy to set up.
  • Reliable service.
  • Receive 500 transactions (FREE email tracking).
  • There are no monthly fees. Pay as you go.

Email tracking is the only way to measure your emailing campaigns

Tracking with Management-Ware Email tracking service will help you know how many people read and responded to your online advertisements. You will know which campaigns were successful and which campaigns were a waste of time. With our system you will know in real-time which email message campaign brought the best results.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us or you can try risk free the email tracking service NOW!

Note* the email tracking service is linked with our bulk email softwareMass Mailing News” to facilitate the integration of the tracking code and management. However, you can use the service with any other bulk email software.

Download Mass Mailing News Email tracking service prices

Mass Mailing News – Bulk email software

Mass email software - Mass Mailing News
Send out personalized bulk email marketing campaigns with Mass Mailing News v2.0! Nothing compares...Try it and you'll adopt it! Our Mass email marketing software will save you a lot of time and money.

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Email Address Finder – Email lookup software

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Management-Ware Email Address Finder is a simple and powerful email lookup software for extracting e-mail addresses. Find thousands of email addresses per hour and build your own emailing list

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Google and Bing Maps Contact Extractor – Web data extractor

Google and Bing Maps Contact Extractor- Web data extractor software
Google and Bing Maps Contact Extractor is a software for extracting Google and Bing maps information. Use our Web data extractor to get free leads that you can use to market your product or service.

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Yellow Pages Scraper – yellow pages extractor software

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